Women Development

The Rising Role of Women

Our Aim is to Contribute, Promote, and Empower ALL on the Grassroots-level. To offer Development that Promotes Prosperity and Economic Opportunity, Gender Social well being by Creating a sustainable tomorrow, today through skills.

Our primary drive is to assist government in restoring healthy communities by alleviating poverty, job creation and economic emancipation through the creation of greater opportunities in number of areas. Our focus is to make sure and see private companies and different inter-government departments as major stakeholders to play an active role in terms of moving forward.

To Promote and empower disadvantaged women on the grassroots level, as part of

  1. Job Creation,
  2. Poverty Alleviation
  3. Radical Economic Transformation
  4. Economic Emancipation.

We promote opportunities to support, connect and grow in business and careers, because Real Freedom Comes When Everyone Has the Opportunity to Prosper. We are The Voice of Grassroots, Uplifting our community and Building Relationship that Prosper.

We are dedicated to creating a collective voice for African Women and assisting them to achieve success and economic independence through business ownership and self-employment.

Key priority areas:

  1. Education
  2. Business management Training.
  3. Mentoring and Coaching
  4. Business plan development
  5. Empowerment and Transformation
  6. Skills Development
  7. Entrepreneurship and Innovative
  8. Intellectual property registration support and management
  9. Marketing support
  10. Feasibility studies
  11. Due diligence
  12. Advisory support services and business counseling
  13. Culture, Arts and Sports
  14. Governance, Peace and Security

Membership Benefits

Trade Promotion
Human resource development
Access to finance
Access to corporate procurement programs
Facilitation of Consulting and advisory services

Enriching the Lives of Women:

  1. Business and Career
  2. Networking
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. Leadership

Our Wealth Creation Seminar  

Our Drive is Women’s economic equality is non-negotiable. The goal is to help advance women careers in a traditionally male industry by providing personal and professional development.

Our Seminar is to awake the sleeping giant in you because when the giant is awakening within you, no one can resist you. There are things nobody will ever do for you. They might give you fish but they will not teach you to fish because they need you to keep coming as a beggar.

Targeted Sectors

Our Business Support unit provides development and support to all businesses with a focus on:

  1. Opportunities for women to work together and be at the forefront of a major initiative
  2. Identifying platforms that can provide visibility for women
  3. Connecting women in the industry through networking events
  • Oil & Gas
  • Security industry
  • Freight & Logistics
  • Mining & Energy
  • Agricultural Sector
  • Tourism/Hospitality
  • Trade and Investment
  • Manufacturing and Engineering Sector
  • Wholesale, Services and Retail
  • Culture Arts and Sports
  • Infrastructure and Construction
  • Health Sector
  • Legal Sector
  • Media and Communications
  • Financial and Accounting
  • Creative industries

Our Strategic Objectives

  1. To establish an Investment company (Pan Africa Business Chamber) that will initiate ventures through which members can benefit.
  2. To support the development of Women within KGMF and Africa
  3. To promote the advancement of women in entrepreneurship and workplace
  4. To lead organized business in the endeavor to make African economy inclusive, representative and to act as an agent for socio-economic transformation.
  5. To establish an Investment Fund to do on-lending to members
  6. To establish Trade Promotion and Access to finance
  7. To promote economic empowerment and social upliftment of women in Africa.
  8. To source out all forms of business skills training that will assist women to have effective control of their businesses.
  9. Facilitation of Matchmaking, deal making and joint ventures.
  10. To arrange meetings with corporate to develop specific women empowerment initiatives.
  11. To acquire training on skills and capacity building for KGMFW
  12. To seek funding that will sustain gender specific programs and projects.

Program of Action

  1. Establishment Of stakeholder Relationships.
  2. Establishment of Africa/National Council Committees.
  4. Executive Meetings: MONTHLY