As Grassroots Movement: Ken. G. Morka Foundation in Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) as an Empowerment Foundation that is strategically positioned to restore hope; our heart desire is to see people achieve their dreams by assisting them to develop what they have interest for.

The Foundation as Grassroots Movement, was established to empower the disadvantaged of the society to establish themselves so that they can have a sustainable future.

On Ideology: Economic infrastructure and Social infrastructure stand as one of our Hallmark, as we rebuild the system for the betterment of All in Africa and beyond. Using the power of the people to influence the people in power. The movement shall encourage good governance, joining forces with the government and other stakeholders for the provision of equality, human dignity, Job creation, Skills development, safety and security of citizens, to better healthcare, better infrastructure and a better economy.

One of the objective of the Foundation as Grassroots Movement is to restore hope in communities by improving quality of life of the vulnerable through charity activities and community development projects . Also through skills development and farming. The Foundation as Grassroots Movement offers development that promotes prosperity and economic opportunity, greater social well-being.

The Foundation as Grassroots Movement in collaboration with the relevant partners is also aimed at the empowerment of women and youth through seminar’s and short courses. The Foundation as Grassroots Movement further provides care and support to low income households, child headed homes, the homeless, the disabled and senior citizens. It’s primary drive is to assist government in restoring healthy communities by alleviating poverty, job creation and economic emancipation.





  1. To advance the vision of the Organization.
  2. To produce quality leadership in the Organization  and strengthen Grassroots Movement in Africa and Beyond
  3. To spread the Gospel of Equality, Dignity, Quality Education, Economic Opportunities, Job Creation, Skills Development, Fight against Gender Based Violence (GBV), Youth Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Senior Citizens, Innovative Projects and Zero Hunger  both in seminars, radio stations , television, audio and videocassettes, establishment of grassroots movement Literature, etc.
  4. To help orphaned and abandoned children by providing home for them. To share God’s love and compassion with people and underprivileged children all over Africa and the world. To provide Seminars and Workshop as key to this Mission of Ours. Ken. G. Morka Foundation is founded by Amb. Prof.  Ken. G. and Dr Anne Morka.
Education Empowerment Program 90%
Health Care & Feeding Initiative 80%
What We Do
How To Help Children From Poor Background To Get Better Education
How to cope with financial pressure
Our Work
+ People benefited from our
Education Empowerment Program
+ People benefited from our
Health Care & Feeding Initiative
+ People benefited from our
Housing & Shelter Program
+ People benefited from our
Job & Skill development Program

Did you know?

Ken G. Morka Foundation as Grassroots Movement is an NGO/NPO/PBO/CBO/CSO/NPC founded by Amb. Prof. Ken G. Morka, whose activities include but not limited to: school fees for disadvantaged learners, support to the homeless with clothes, food and accommodation. We are also involved with community development projects especially Skills Development and farming. Our Heart desire is to see people achieve their dreams by assisting them to develop what they have interest in. We are African based not for profit organization. The organization is focused on the development and nurturing of disadvantaged communities both children, women and men, young and old.

With Partners and donors, we can extensively achieve the following: Agriculture Initiative, Health Care Initiative, Sports, Disability Support, Shelter & Residential Care, Feeding Centers, Counseling Services, Home for Hope, Water for Hope, Prison Outreach, Campus Outreach, Skills Development, Rehabilitation Centers and Many More. As Grassroots Movement one of our Main objectives are to provide care & support, and nurturing the vulnerable of society until they are able to stand on their own. Our activities are informed by one common principle, Restoring Hope & Investing in Future.

NPO No:165-929.. PBO No:930057343.. NGO No:6884032.. CBO No:7029.. The organization is officially registered as: NGO/ NPO/ PBO/ NPC/ JTB/ CBO/ PCLG/ PTY/ MJIRI/ SCUML/LSA/CSO/ United Nations – ECOSOC


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Seek in helping children in need.

Ken. G. Morka Foundation will quickly expand its reach, building relationships with partner organizations and mobilizing thousands of volunteers.

As NPO, NPC, Public Benefit Organization (PBO) section 18A tax-exempt registered in South Africa , Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as Non-governmental organizations (NGO), Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) Under, Joint Tax Board (JTB), Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML) registered in Nigeria, Community Based Organization (CBO) registered in Sierra Leone, registered in Mozambique with Ministry of Justice Institutional and Religious Issues (MJIR and registered in Zambia with the government as Private Company Limited By Guarantee (PCLG). We are proud to say that our doors are open for anyone who would like to partner up with us thru donations or volunteering help.