Partner With Us

With our Ken G. Morka Foundation partnership program, you can help us create a better future for the homeless, hopeless and as well as abused women and children by donating or helping in any kind of your preferred way.


At Ken G. Morka Foundation, we offer different types of accommodation for the homeless, people in crisis and women and abused children in particular. Our accommodation program, has the aim to change the face of the city and society.

Rehab & counseling

Our accommodation program, also extends to providing rehab for some drug addicts staying in the Shelters and counseling for abused women and children in particular.

Our Sheltered Accommodation Options

Emergency Shelter

This will be strictly used for emergencies such as the need for the SAPS and the Child Protection Unit (CPU) to house an abused child that is in transit to a safe house, or an abused woman. This is strictly for a maximum of 24 hours, however the shelter used is isolated and protected. 

Abused Women & Children Shelter

This shelter is specifically for abused women and abused children who will require long-term accommodation and financial support for costs such as trauma counseling and schooling.

Short-term Shelter

A shelter for the destitute given a maximum of four months to find work and re-integrate into society.

Overnight Shelter

Strictly for overnight facilities from late at night until early in the morning.