As a Member of UN-ECOSOC we will promote the goals and principles of the United Nations and its agencies through community engagement… Ken. G. Morka Foundation Grassroots Movement is an exclusive movement on how to empower and connect grassroots people for Business and Humanitarian Assistance.

As we leave footprints of love and kindness wherever we go, we believe in teaching a man how to fish rather than giving him fish to pacify them for a moment. Our purpose is to provide community with a voice for Economic Emancipation.


We are officially registered in United Nations – ECOSOC, South Africa, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Zambia and Ethiopia .

 The organization is registered with:

  1. Department of Social Development (DSD) as Non-Profit Organization (NPO)
  2. Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as Non-governmental organizations (NGO)
  3. South African Revenue Service (SARS ) as Public Benefit Organization (PBO)
  4. Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) as Non-Profit Company (NPC)
  5. Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) Under, Joint Tax Board (JTB)
  6. Ministry of Social Welfare (MSW) as Community Based Organization (CBO)
  7. Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML)
  8. Ministry of Justice Institutional and Religious Issues (MJIR)
  9. Private Company Limited By Guarantee (PCLBG)
  10. Labour and Social Affairs (LSA)
  11. Civil Society Organization For Foreign (CSOFF)

Ken. G. Morka Foundation as a grassroots movement is an empowerment foundation that is strategically positioned in RESTORING HOPE AND INVESTING IN THE FUTURE. We believe to develop township communities through programmes related to Education, Healthcare, Skills Development and Enterprise Development. Our heart desire is to see people achieve their dreams by assisting them to develop what they have interest for. Our Foundation is multi-dimensional, cross-cultural and inter-continental foundation whose operations are underpinned by its motto: RESTORING HOPE AND INVESTING IN THE FUTURE. 

Our primary focus is Africa and also open to other continents when need arises. On Ideology: the grassroots movement shall demand for good governance, joining forces with the government and other stakeholders for the provision of equality, human dignity, Job creation, Skills development, safety and security of citizens, to better healthcare, better infrastructure and a better economy. Its founding objective is to support projects that are working to address some of the Africa’s most critical challenges, such as unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, and inequality.

The Foundation as Grassroots Movement targets out of school children and poorest rural families in cities and rural communities around Africa, helping the disenfranchised out of poverty. As part of our heart desire is to empower people to develop their skills that encourage sustainable future. As Grassroots Movement, part of our objective is to restore hope in communities by improving quality of life of the vulnerable through charity activities and community development projects, skills development and farming.

The Foundation offers development that promotes prosperity and economic opportunity and greater social well-being.The Foundation in collaboration with the relevant partners is also aimed at the empowerment of women and youth through seminars and short training courses. The Foundation further provides care and support to low-income households, child headed homes, the homeless, the disabled and senior citizens.

Its primary drive is to assist government in restoring healthy communities by alleviating poverty, job creation and economic emancipation. As we seek in helping humanity in need through several key initiatives, Ken. G. Morka Foundation as a grassroots movement will quickly expand its reach, building relationships with partner organizations and mobilizing thousands of volunteers because the foundation was established to empower the disadvantaged of the society.To provide care and support, Restoring Hope and Improving quality of life of families and communities in the Spirit of gladness and simplicity of heart.Part of Our drives is to help by encouraging & creating a community where underprivileged children discover their full potential.

Ken. G. Morka Foundation as a Grassroots Movement believes both locally and globally in the possibility where the child of nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody. Where knowledge, talent and character affect upward mobility rather than the fact of tribe, religion or birth.


  1. The organization shall exist on its own right, separate from its members
  2. The organization shall be able to own property and other possession
  3. The organization shall be able to sue and be sued in its own name.
  4. The organization shall Continue to exist even when its membership changes and there are different office bearers.
  5. The organization is officially registered: NGO/ NPO/ PBO/ NPC/ JTB/ CBO/ PCLG/ MJIRI/ SCUML/ United Nations – ECOSOC


  1. To raise a glorious movement in the continent of Africa and beyond by RESTORING HOPE AND INVESTING IN THE FUTURE.
  2. To spread and create an enabling environment for the spread of the Gospel of empowering the disadvantaged of the society:


  1. To advance the vision of the Organisation.
  2. To produce quality leadership in the Organisation  and strengthen Grassroots Movement in Africa and beyond
  3. To spread the gospel of equality, dignity, quality education, economic opportunities, Job Creation, Skills Development, Fight against gender based violence (GBV), youth empowerment, women empowerment, senior citizens, innovative projects and zero hunger  both in seminars, radio stations , television, audio and videocassettes, establishment of grassroots movement Literature, etc.


  1. Transparency and accountability
  2. Honesty and Integrity
  3. Learning and sharing
  4. Productivity and Prosperity
  5. Servant hood and Loyalty, and
  6. Unity in diversity

We commit ourselves to live out these values and work out these principles in a spirit of Service and humanity (Ubuntu)


The Leadership or Board shall have the right and authority to dismiss or terminate membership of a member if:

  1. A qualified and registered person to be of unsound mind declares him or her and the Leadership resolves that the member’s mental state is such that he or she can no longer serve the Association.

  2.  He or she resigns voluntarily from the organisation, such resignation must be in writing and state the reasons for resignation and the date on which such resignation will take effect, or

 3. He or she absents himself/herself for four consecutive meetings, without apology or special leave of absence from the executive committee, or

4. He/she is removed by ordinary resolution of the members of the Association at a general meeting.

5. He/she is otherwise removed in accordance with any provision of this constitution;

6. He/she passed away whilst holding office

OUR BELIEF: As Critical and Revolutionary Thinker 

  1.  We believe in Restoring Hope & Investing in the Future.
  2. We believe no community is destined to be poor.
  3. We believe Africa’s Minerals Can and should Fund Humanitarians Projects in Africa.
  4. We believe in the power of structure
  5. We believe together we can use the power of the people to influence the people in power
  6. We believe in the Dreams of Africa Fathers
  7. We believe nothing changes till we change
  8. We believe winning is a Habit and it must be cultivated
  9. We believe in economic emancipation of our people and no one should be left behind.
  10. We believe in Grassroots People where your   knowledge, talent and character affect your upward mobility rather than the fact of your tribe, religion or birth.
  11. We believe in the possibility where the child of a nobody can become a somebody without knowing anybody.
  12. We believe in better healthcare, better infrastructure and a better economy.
  13. We believe there are some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us and when we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.
  14. We believe in empowerment and accountability.
  15. We believe in creating community where underprivileged children discover their full potential.
  16. We believe in the fight against Corruption, Nepotism and Wrong Mindset.
  17. We believe our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
  18. We believe in good governance and stakeholders for the betterment of our people
  19. We believe in the war against: Unemployment,  Poverty, Inequality, illiteracy
  20. We believe in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Internet and Renewable Energy)
  21. We believe Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others
  22. We believe in Equality.
  23. We believe in Dignity…
  24. We believe in Quality Education…
  25. We believe in Economic Opportunities because Africa is a Sea of wealth.
  26. We believe in Job Creation.
  27. We believe in Skills Development.
  28. We believe in Fight Against (GBV) Gender-Based Violence
  29. We believe in Youth Empowerment.
  30. We believe in Women Empowerment.
  31. We believe in Senior Citizens…
  32. We believe in Innovative projects.
  33. We believe in Zero Hunger.
  34. We believe nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
  35. We believe everybody can be great because anybody can serve.
  36. We believe to develop township communities through Enterprise Development.
  37. We believe overcoming poverty is an act of justice
  38. We believe in keeping the Revival Fire Burning For Economic Emancipation
  39. We believe in the Gospel of Empowering the Disadvantaged of the Society
  40. We believe in Mobilization as Strategies in different levels
  41. We believe commitment in empowering ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
  42. We believe in empowering the next generation.
  43. We believe we must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive
  44. We believe a man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.


About Professor. Ken .G. Morka

Prof. Ken. G. Morka is a Global Leader and Chief Executive Officer of a Human Development Organization Based in South Africa. He is an Apostle by calling, the President of Fountain of Hope Global Ministry and Ken. G. Morka Foundation Grassroots Movement

Fountain of Hope Global Ministry is a Ministry called to bring good news of Hope and Encouragement in every area of life to Everybody, Community, Our Nation and Our World in the Spirit of Gladness and Simplicity of Heart informing them to be Joyful in Hope for in this Hope we were saved.  Ken G. Morka Foundation is multi-dimensional, cross-cultural and inter-continental foundation whose operations are underpinned by its motto: RESTORING HOPE AND INVESTING IN THE FUTURE.

Prof. Ken. G. Morka is also an Eminent Peace Ambassador, under International Association of World Peace Advocates (United Nations), in category of Global Diplomat.  In Co-operation with the United Nations- ECOSOC under Apostolic Ministerial International Network, He is the Main Representative in Geneva-Switzerland and the International Director General/Chief of Protocol, both in New York-USA, Geneva-Switzerland, Vienna-Austria and All Africa Nations under Special consultative status.

Professor. Ken. G. Morka is the CEO/Chairman of Ken. G. Morka Foundation Grassroots Movement under United Nations- ECOSOC as Special consultative status. He is also Strategic Advisor, Political Consultant, Spiritual Consultant and Business Consultant. He is also Co-Founder at International Grassroots Ambassadors and Bring Back Movement.

Amb, Prof Ken is the Chancellor of Gifts of Salvation University and also a Professor in Kingdom Excellence Leadership Institute (KELI). A Practical theological institution established to equip pastors, Leaders and Ministers of the gospel with sound Biblical Principle to help them become effective in their individual callings and to impact their world. As an internationally recognized institution, registered in South Africa, Ghana, UK and USA, Kingdom Excellence Leadership Institute is international affiliates to CICA international University & Seminary (USA & Canada). Lifestyle International Christian University (Italy & UK). The UNOG centre for Learning and Multilingualism (Geneva-Switzerland).

In 2016, Christian University of Souther Indiana USA conferred an Honorary Doctorate on Amb. Ken. G. Morka (Doctor of Divinity) in acknowledgement of his Ministerial/Humanitarian work for the extension of God’s kingdom and Kingdom Excellence Leadership Institute (KELI) conferred an Honorary Doctorate on Amb. Ken. G. Morka (Doctor of Humanities) as personal advocacy on Grassroots people and a voice of every person’s dignity, freedom and equality.

In 2020 Certificate of Recognition is presented to Prof. Ken as An Award of Outstanding Humanitarian Work and as a member of the Global Goodwill Ambassadors Family. The same year 2020 December 14th, World Peace Ambassadors conferred Ambassador of the Year to Prof. Ken. G. Morka in acknowledgement of his care and support, restoring hope and improving the quality of life of families and communities affected by Poverty and Disaster, also in strengthen the role of individuals in identifying and speaking up against human rights violations, including discrimination, hate speech and those human rights violations affecting especially African and children. Prof. Morka believes in making the world a better place by giving hope, reducing violence and alleviating the suffering caused by war.

 Prof. Ken is also awarded Ambassador of Peace Award, under Universal Peace Federation (UPF). Based on his love for humanity. Prof. Ken was also awarded, World Peace Ambassador, under World Peace Tracts in category of World Peace Ambassador.  

His Excellency, Ambassador Prof. Ken is also the President of Fountain Apostolic Network (FAN), worldwide; it is Network of Ministers all over the World. Prof. Ken is also a member of International Federation of Christian Churches (IFCC) South Africa. He is a Member of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria-South Africa (PFN-SA) and Also a Member of Nigerian Pastors Association South Africa (NPASA).   

In 2021 Prof. Ken. G. Morka becomes part of Pan African Peoples Alliance or PAPA team. He also received welcome letter from Nelson Mandela University as part of Ecosystem-SC Advisory committee Member to students’ entrepreneurs.

As a Critical and Revolutionary Thinker, He is the Founder & Co-Founder of:  International Grassroots Ambassadors/ Pan Africa Business Chamber /Voice of African Youth /Bring Back Movement/Passion Minerals and Energy/Km Passion Trading/ Sons of the Prophet Network / Sports Africa Network/ Pastors and Police Forum South Africa/ Fountain of Hope Global Ministry /Gifts of Salvation University

As an advocate, He believes in grassroots people where your knowledge, talent and character affect your upward mobility rather than the fact of your tribe, religion or birth. He believes in the possibility where the child of a nobody can become a somebody without knowing anybody.

On 22nd July 2023, Morris Cerullo Christian University, San- Diego, California, USA, Conferred Certificate of Promotion to the Rank of Professor (Professor Ken. G. Morka as Professor of Humanitarian Services)…Also Full Membership Certificate to the League of Professors, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria was also given.

On 3rd of August 2023, the Senate of ICOBAC Bible College and Seminary Nigeria, an affiliate of Wayne Park University California USA on the recommendation of the faculty board approved the conferment of Doctor of Science (D. Sc Organizational Development) honoris causa on Apostle, Amb, Prof, Ken. G. Morka. (Doctor of Science). Prof. Ken is also designated as the Chairman of Elders and Advisory Council at ICOBAC South Africa.


Prof. Ken. G. Morka is married to Dr. Anne Morka and blessed with children. Their lives are living proof that all power belongs to God.  His Excellency, Prof Ken‘s Vision/Mission is to bring Hope & Encouragement and also to raise prayer warriors across the globe, With mandate to reach 6.5 Billion souls with the gospel through different media. He is also called to encourage people by using their gifts, talents, abilities, by knowing that they are living treasure and to teach people to stand firm in the spiritual warfare against the kingdom of darkness.  He also ministers in crusades, conference, schools, prisons, Hospitals, and he is also an author of several books.

Apostle. Amb. Prof..Dr Ken. G. Morka main drive is to being the hands and feet of Jesus to a broken world by also Helping people by providing shoes and clothing for those in need.To help orphaned and abandoned children by providing home for them.To share God’s love and compassion with people and underprivileged children all over Africa and the world. To provide Seminars and Workshop as key to this Mission of Ours. The Foundation, Ken. G. Morka Foundation is founded by Prof Ken.G. Morka and His Wife Dr Anne Morka.