Employment empowerment Program

Ken G. Morka Foundation Job Centre has the aim to reduce unemployment in Africa by providing job recruitment services, CV or Resume submission and job vacancies publishing thru our online platform.

Recruitment Services

With the help of business partners, we assist in the collection and presentation of a portfolio of human resources to recruiters, making it easier for those seeking employment to obtain employment and for those employers to receive specific skills.

Skills Development

With the help of numerous Skills Development Centres and Partners, we help beneficiaries obtain scholarships or learnerships. To find out more about our skills and development empowerment program, please, visit our Skill Academy section.

Business Solutions

Ken G. Morka Foundation is a pioneer in sustainable high-impact youth employment solutions. Working closely with government, business and the social sector, we drive systemic change in the youth labour market.

How it works

Step 1

In order to apply for a job, please refer to our job centre vacancies page to find out if there’s a job position that could be interesting for you.

Step 2

Apply for a job vacancy by submit your CV with the correct vacancy information or by sending to the e-mail address attached in the application link.

Step 3

Receive an SMS/E-mail notification from our partners informing you about the status of your application and visit our job centre premisses for assessment on the applied job position.
+ Vacancies available for you

The below work fields are just a demonstration of the available job position fields in the vacancies page. Please refer to your preferred employment field in the vacancies on the link above. We wish you luck!