Child Development

Our Source of Hope (Child Development)

Our Aim is to Provide, Protect, Contribute, Promote quality education and training to individuals on the Grassroots-level.To offer opportunities for children to realize their full potential, by encouraging, supporting and guiding them to engage in meaningful activities. We are committed to putting young children first by ensuring quality childhood development

Our primary drive is restoring healthy communities by alleviating poverty, job creation and economic emancipation through development that Promotes Prosperity and Economic Opportunity by the creation of greater opportunities in number of areas. Our focus is to make sure and see private companies and different inter-government departments as major stakeholders to play an active role in terms of moving forward.

To Promote and empower disadvantaged children and family on the grassroots level:

  • Contribute towards grassroots families and vulnerable children sense of safety.
  • Enhance a sense of community, social cohesion and social inclusion.
  • Alleviate poverty.
  • Provide an infrastructure for child protection.
  • To fills the gap in service-provision for vulnerable children by using dedicated, professional services.
  • To support children in need of care and their families, with the ultimate aim of restoring them to a healthy family relationship.
  • We provide training, resources and support in the field of childhood development, enhancing individual and organization capacity
  • Our Children: Boys and Girls
  Total 0-5 years 6-10 years 11-15 years 16 and older

We promote opportunities to support, connect and grow children education and careers, because Real Freedom Comes When Everyone Has the Opportunity to Prosper. We are The Voice of Grassroots, Uplifting our community and Building Relationship that Prosper. To increase the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities in delivering childhood development programmes and services.

We are dedicated to creating a collective voice for African Child to enable children to live with dignity and assisting them to achieve success.

Key priority areas:

  1. Education/ scholarships
  2. Mentoring and Coaching
  3. Empowerment and Transformation
  4. Skills Development
  5. Innovative
  6. Culture, Arts and Sports
  7. Health Coverage
  8. Community Outreach
  9. Others

Enriching Child Development:

  1. Physical Development
  2. Intellectual Development
  3. Social Development
  4. Emotional Development
  5. Moral Development
  6. Communication
  7. Rights and Equality of Children
  8. Baby Supplies Bank
  9. Toy Distribution
  10.  Reading Room


  1. Nutrition and Food
  2. Primary Health Care
  3. Social Support Services
  4. Empowerment

 Programme Streams

  1. Home Based Care
  2. Structured Play Groups
  3. Toy Libraries
  4. Community Development

  Training & Education

  1. Materials Development
  2. Certification Ceremonies
  3. Child Development
  4. Money Management Skills Programme
  5. Day-Mother Programme
  6. Skills Development Programme

 Program of Action

  1. Establishment Of stakeholder Relationships.
  2. Educational Seminars & Workshops (Teachers)
  3. Regional and International fellowships/exchanges
  4. Establishment of Africa/National Council Committees.
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